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It’s no secret the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest around! Abundant vegetables, fibre-rich beans, fresh breads and healthy fats found in olives and nuts are the mainstay of this region and essential to everyone’s good health and vitality.

At The Happy Camel, we believe good health can best be enjoyed through good eating! That’s why all our products are fresh, homemade, nutritious and prepared without preservatives, additives or trans fats.

In addition to being good for you, The Happy Camel’s products also provide quick, easy meal solutions. For example, our pita breads have become so popular for their convenience that we recently adopted a new slogan – It’s a Heat-A-Pita™. Just warm it up, pair it with a great-tasting dip or salad, and you’ve got nutritious meal in no time!

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Kathy: “I just bought your pitas from the Bonton bakery. Wow! They are the best pitas I’ve ever eaten. I will definitely be buying them again and I can’t wait to try the rest of your products.”

Stacy: “Sara, Your family and store are truly so generous and amazing. We love your products anyway and would want you there as a neighbor of the block party, but having people like you in the community…priceless!!!”

Matthew V. “The Happy Camel has built its roots where it matters. Years as a constant face at Edmonton’s farmers markets has resulted in a growing loyal following that requires working your way to the front of the crowd to get your weekly fix of the best pita, hummus and other Israeli-style dips in this part of the known universe. Seeing a good thing, local stores are getting on board. I can now get my Happy Camel craving nourished through many of my favorite food stores. If your store doesn’t yet have Happy Camel on their shelves, talk to your manager about joining the Warmth of the Happy Camel community!”

Teo Z. “I was introduced to your business recently by Jacob G. We were there together having some quick lunch. I was really impressed with the quality of your food and have started suggesting your business to friends. I also will start coming around to get more of your goods.”

Danna G. “<3 <3<3Happy Camel!!!!Happy Camel makes me happy Danna!!!HaHaHaHaHa!!!<3”

Marilyn K. “Just wanted to say your products are wonderful!! Finding such excellent pita bread available locally is such a treat!! Thank you.

Sandy D. “I LOVE YOUR DIPS especially the regular hummus and the new pretty pink beet tehini dip is really good too and get lots when I go to the Strathcona farmers market. Keep up the good work!!

Ross Sheppard High School: “Thank you very much for your generous contribution towards our fund raising performance of”On the wild side” at the Royal Alberta Museum. The event was a huge success both artistically and financially. Our success would not have been possible without generous donations like yours.”

Talmud Torah Preschool: “ Your donation helped raise $11,000 towards the Talmud Torah Preschool- Thank you”

The Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your thoughtful, kind and generous donation of pitas. Every donation makes a big difference in the lives of the women, in their time of need.”

University of Alberta Campus Food Bank:” I just wanted to thank you for going out of your way to bring your extra pita to us. It’s very much appreciated. Warm regards.”

Callingwood Spray Park:” I wanted to say a huge thank you for your wonderful contribution to the opening of Callingwood Spray Park! Your generosity is so appreciated. The BBQ and pita were very popular –thank you so much for this addition to the event!”

The Rio Terrace Moravian Church: “Thank you very much for your generous donation of the two gift certificates to the Rio Terrace Moravian Church Strawberry tea and Fashion show. Your kindness contributed to the success of our event and we were pleased to list your name on all of the guest tables and in our newsletters as one of the West end’s community minded businesses.” Pat B.

Pita Bread

The Happy Camel has new owners!

Taking over the reins of the Happy Camel from the Larson family are Ron and Mary Anne Korn. Both Mary Anne and Ron have extensive culinary backgrounds and are looking forward to bringing you the same delicious hummus and pita you've grown to love....and many new products to fall in love with too!

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